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FOX News
Dec 13, 2011 12:00pm PST
before a judge shocking the nation. jerry sandusky arrived at the courthouse but didn't stay long. he chose to waive a hearing during which a judge would determine if prosecutors had enough to bring it to trial. some accusers were set to testify against the former coach. now the decision moves this closer to a trial. >> we waive the opportunity to present our side. >> it has nothing to do with conceding, no plea negotiations, this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life and goes beyond the penn state-miami game of '86. >> jerry sandusky stands accused of abusing ten young boys he met through think charity -- his charity, the second mile. coach sandusky said he showered and horsed around with children but never abused him. he remains under house arrest, forced to wear an ankle monitor. david lee miller, this is very weird to a lot of lawyers, unless you cop a plea. the idea is you lock the story-tellers, the alleged victims, into a story and then poke holes in it. this is the only chance for that. >> indeed it is. it took a lot of people by surprise that this decision took place at the l
FOX News
Dec 26, 2011 12:00pm PST
is fired after men say he poe lefted them as boys. he says who is innocent. and jerry sandusky charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he said he was mentoring, and head coach paterno forced out for failing to alert police after an assistant says he told them he believed he was sandusky molesting a child. stay with fox or the latest on the scandals in 2012, in new york, for fox news. >>trace: did you know that it is mega monday in stores across the country, and with all the christmas exists unwrapped and just leftovers in the refrigerator many predict todaying be the third busiest shopping dave the year with lots of day after christmas deals out there right now, and retailers hoping a big end of the year rush will rival black friday and cyber monday. with me now is financial consultant and all their of master your debt, jordan, the calendar gave retailer as break because christmas was on a sunday so everyone got off on monday and what do they do when they get off? they go shopping. ex-shopping like crazy. that is right. we expect $38 billion in sales and a lot of petroleum shopp
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)